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This page is dedicated to the faces of fashion! 
An appreciation page acknowledging these women for the fabulous things they do. New fashion bandeau tube dresses designed and made by #designerafi Learn more about each model and see new pics!💋

 Model Young T featuring Diamondfire Apparel by DesignerAfi

I’m super excited and super blessed 

to have the opportunity to collaborate 

with fashion model Young T

Our first fashion photo shoot was fun! 

The fashion dress she is modeling 

in these pics shown is the very first prototype!

She’s rocking a handmade fashion strapless bandeau dress with half and half solid and animal print design. 

Stretch fit dress design includes a ribbon drawstring!

Model Young T featuring Diamondfire Apparel by DesignerAfi

I was very pleased when I sent her the pics and not only did she mention that she LOVED the dress, 

but also I was even MORE pleased to see that she fits the dress well😁.. 

I made her dress based upon her mentioning that she is a size Small and looking at her photos. (It was later determined that she is actually a size X-Small.)

I am infused with more and more creativity and productivity through my works. 

I can’t waito make more fashion dresses for her. 

More complimentary colors, designs, patterns and prints. 

Even lighter weight materials for AZ’s upcoming spring/summer heat waves. 

More about Young T…

She was born in Chicago 

but raised in Phoenix. 

She is also blessed with a loving family including a boyfriend who has two children that she’s helped 

raise as her own. 

Her favorite colors are

 black, gray and white. 

Her fashion modeling specialties include laundry and bikini shoots 

but she is down for it all. 

It is also clear that she’s passionate about 

the youth and seeing them succeed. 

She also has participated in giving back to community through local volunteer work.

Young T 

is also an entertainer 

and writes and performs rap music. 

She’s an open book to get to know!

Get ready to see her more and more, 

as I plan to feature her 

all over my social media, 

my boutique and right 

here on the fashion blog! 

Diamondfire Apparel featuring Model @youngt_far_ent


Fashion Model Lucie Diamondfire Apparel Photos by #DesignerAfi

Model Lucie is wearing  a handmade bandeau fashion tube dress  with half and half  solid and stripes pattern design.  This dress is stretch fit  and has a drawstring upper.

Again, I am Blessed 

to have another addition 

to my fashion portfolio… 

Lucie the model for Diamondfire Apparel fashion brand. 

As I begin to get to know more 

about Lucie, I am 

pleasantly intrigued and amazed… 

she replies to me: 

I am from Czechia in Central Europe. 

As for my favorite fashion colors, I like all the colors, but the color that I like to wear and I never get tired of is grey, accompanied by some others. I like to wear warm and fresh colors that match my “spring color type”,

I also like black. 

In fashion industry, 

I’d like to go as far as it takes me, 

I am 36 years old but I want to have fun with it.”

Fashion Model Lucie Diamondfire Apparel Photos by #DesignerAfi

Fashion Model Lucie Diamondfire Apparel Photos by #DesignerAfi

She continues to say, “I like the power of art to express feelings and important cultural messages through it’s visual and dramatic art and a life-style. 

I am passionate about self-improving, fulfilling my goals, being independent and making the most out of my life, through many aspects of it.


And your question 

about whether I have children… 

I have been nanny for many years and I love children, but I don’t have any on my own yet.” 

Fashion Model Lucie Diamondfire Apparel Photos by #DesignerAfi


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