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Hi, I’m Not Just a Fashion Professional, I’m Also a Woman with Humanitarian and Contributing Qualities….

Below is my Resume for general contributions and volunteering. COMING SOON approximately NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2019.



Diamondfire Apparel | USTrendy Fashion #DesignerAfi Interview

Diamondfire Apparel | US Trendy Interview with Indie Seamstress & Fashion Designer, Afi Fennick… 

What is your inspiration for your designs? 

Well…. All I can really say is, that when I was a teenager, I had an “eye” for fashion. The fact that there’s so many fashion styles that have yet to be created with different fabrics, patterns and colors. I guess you could say that different patterns, fabrics and colors inspire me.


I’m a natural born talent! From my youth, I’ve had a knack for creative design of clothing. I imagine, design, then sew up any fashion that’s “on my radar” that I can make. This is an art that I naturally was blessed with and it developed more, over time and maturity. For help on certain sewing subjects, I also use certain sewing tutorial books.

What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your own design?

My love of fashion, my creativity level, my entrepreneurial spirit, but most of all – my Passion for All Three. I remember sitting in my bedroom imagining, sketching and diagramming articles of clothing and accessories… and even sexy shoes, (which I one day would love to also add to my clothing line).

What has prepared you to enter the world as a fashion designer?

My will and determination, the positive feedback and response level I get from others who recognize my talents….also my passion for sewing and fashion designing.

I have grown to respect seamstresses and designers of a higher seniority. Generally-speaking, when people go into a fashion store or see an item of fashion, they don’t really understand the labor and creativity that was put in to the make and look of the item. And the more creative the design, the more work was necessary to put in. I acknowledge this, as a seamstress who makes her own clothing, I have come to respect this very much.

What has been your biggest struggle breaking into the world as an independent fashion designer?

I would definitely have to say Advertising/Promotion. I’m confident that there’s a loyal network of Fashionistas out there that can respect and support my style of clothing. It’s just that the internet is such a huge arena, and it becomes harder to market your brand if you don’t have “corporate capital” or if you do it by yourself, it could potentially take years. So you’re struck hard when it comes to the necessary and effective promotion you need to really succeed online.

Afi Fennick Diamondfire Apparel New Year

Describe your style:

My style is High Fashion friend, lol! I’m that girl that could wear some cute, unique sweat pants and a cute, fitted t-shirt or a pair of nice fitted denim jeans with a sexy but classic-fitted top, or I could wear a pair of sexy open-toed stilettos, a  pair of sexy, vented leggings with a flared, somewhat-fitted top. It all depends on my mood really. I’m versatile and forever changing.

Favorite fashion decade:

Don’t really have one, because there’s great styles in most modern decades, to me.

What are you most excited to wear this season?

Stylish foxy leggings outfits!

You’d never be caught dead wearing:

Wool. Next question…

One thing you couldn’t live without:


Favorite Celebrity Fashion Icon:

I do like some of Kimora Simmons wear, BabyPhat. Luis Vuitton. Coogi. Jimmy Choo. There’s too many other styles I like. I’m complex, what can I say? (smiling)

fashion designer afi honey

What fad would you bring back?

Ummmmmm…. I’m not really sure right now. What styles of the past have not yet been resurrected, lol. I’m not really sure at this point, lol.

Perfect night on the town outfit:

Picture This: SEXY RED… Red fitted, knee-length skirt with low scoop neck matching blouse. Gold or Metallic-toned bangles and earrings. An extravagant gold or metallic-toned necklace. Natural-look make up, if applicable. High enough gold-tone or metallic matching peep-toe stiletto heels. A small matching satchel, maybe a foxy, stylish red hat to set things right…She’s ready to go!

What are other activities you enjoy doing besides designing (art, music, etc)?

Like Fashion, I also love Music. BACK IN THE DAY, BAYBAY LMAO! My Love is Mary J. Blige! I still listen to her back in the day jams, like “My Life“, “Deep Inside“, “You Bring Me Joy” and “Steal Away“. My top two jams by her, are: “Take Me As I Am” and “Get to know You Better“. For her more later song, I would say, “25/8” and “Feel Inside” featuring Nas.

Her music has helped me get through some things in my life. I also like a wide variety of different artists: Bruno Mars, Pharrell, Usher, Kanye West, many more.

What do you wish people understood about being in the fashion industry?

Probably the fact of the amount of true time and work that is put in to every unique design. Remember, the more creative, the more work!

What is your favorite Part about being a Fashion Designer?

I would say, there’s two things: Number 1. The Positive Feedback and Fans. This helps to keep me going. and Number 2. The Design Creation process. The act of first creating and visualizing the design. (I have a strong imagination, by the way.) and then the diagramming and/or recording of the design. Sometimes I draw them, other times I don’t and I just record them.

Afi Fennick Diamondfire Apparel Fashion

What is some advice that you would give to aspiring independent designers?

Focus first on the advertising/promotional part of things first. Especially if you are working with a low budget and trying to get started. Do focus and “strateg-ize” carefully. Then everything else will come one block by one block. If fashion design is your True Passion, then believe in yourself and put up a good fight to earn your keep. If you’re good at what you do, the people will let you know it one way or another. So let Heaven nor Hell fire stop you!

Fashion Designer Afi…. In the Flesh!

classyfied the collection by afi

skirt and scoopneckskirt afi scoopneck

And another one…. 

Introducing CLASSYfied The Collection by Afi

A perfect combination of gorgeous satin

and casual denim contrasting. 

More Fashion Designer Afi…Gotta Love It!

fashion designer new year afi

Afi Fennick Diamondfire Apparel

fashion designer

F A S H I O N  A R T  T A L E N T S


M U S I C   T A L E N T S

Aldeno_Muzyq – World Love

Ron D. – “Choices”

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March 2019 | Diamondfire Apparel & CNF Magazine Fashion Interview

So how did you become a fashion designer?

Well, I am Self-taught and self-made. I’ve always had a strong interest and desire in fashion. I started imagining styles in my head and then I would start sketching… 

You name it, fashion accessories, knee-high boots, shoes, sneakers, blouses, skirts and dresses. I started teaching myself how to sew. I bought my first sewing machine, (a Brother) and started gathering up fabrics to start making clothing for myself. I’d wear them, and everywhere I went, all eyes on me… Looks and compliments from men and women. (Laughing) 

I decided that I was going to get in to fashion design, to make beautiful things for women and have them wear it. (Smiling) The Key was to showcase my fashion work on other women. That’s where my fashion models came in…

My First Born Fashion Baby, Tina – up there rocking the very first fashion dress I designed and made specially for her… 

I wanted to make a fashion dress that was gonna COMMAND ATTENTION, but at the same time, be heavily stylish… and seXy.

And so it is.. Lovely Queen!

I was so happy when she said she loved the dress, that it’s beautiful. 

It made the work really worth doing. 

Clothing: Handmade bandeau 

animal print fashion dress

Design & Production: #DesignerAfi

Photography: #DesignerAfi

Phoenix, AZ

I certainly appreciate the girls for choosing to model with my brand and collaborate with me. They didn’t have to believe in me, but they both did. I show my token of appreciation by presenting great pics, high quality photos, shout-outs showing them luv and showcasing their talents boldly. (Smiles)

I believe that there is a network for everyone, no matter what your business goals are. You just have to find and connect with your target audience. When the audience that loves what you do, they are going to show support and keep up with you. There’s No Exceptions to this rule. 

I absolutely LOVE designing stuff. 

I have the creative mind to do great things. 

I am Definitely More of a designer, than a seamstress because I can put together some styles to create something highly loveable! The fashion sewing part of things have it’s reward when the project is finished, sewing overall is work. It does take time and energy to make things with the sewing machine. And the fancier you want it, the more time and labor needs to be put in to make it right. But until I upgrade to the level where I can afford to pay an experienced and high quality sewing and production team, I’ll be doing it myself.. It is what it is! 

I’m attracted most to working with fabric designs that steal the attention when you walk in to a place. (Wink and smile) I have a strong imagination for creative blends of colors, patterns and prints. #workwonders… LOL! 

I like to go fabric shopping to see all the beautiful colors, tones and designs. There is so much material to work with, when you open your fashion mind. I could create new designs for decades!

My Second Born Fashion Baby, Lucie – up there rocking the second  fashion dress I designed and made specially for her… 

This dress may be the second dress 

of introduction, but it

DEFINITELY earns its place 

at the table of Queens, Kings and Rulers!

I was thrilled when she said she loved this. 

It was fuel for my fashion design ignition. 

Clothing: Handmade patterned 

stripes fashion dress

Design & Production: #DesignerAfi

Photography: #DesignerAfi

Phoenix, AZ

How you feeling about crafting things into a realized clothing collection? 

Honestly, I feel GREAT! I am taking it one step at a time, slowly building a fashion collection comprised of different things. I could hang out at a huge fashion fabric warehouse to test and browse different fabrics all day long! There is so much to learn with using and sewing with different materials. That’s why the opportunities are virtually endless to create hot, unique styles every day. 

Which of your pieces are you most proud of?

Hands down – the strapless dresses! They’re exotic and fiesty just like Me! LOL! 

When I design something, I can tell that I have grown in sewing knowledge and gained more insight and experience because I put even more effort in to a high quality yet efficient design compared to when I was much younger when I first started out, learning and growing with fashion intrigue and knowledge. 

What’s a goal that you dream of achieving?

In all of this, I ultimately vision myself owning a production team, a warehouse that holds fashion fabric and a production team that will carry out my design ideas and turn them all in to real tangible products! Yes! 

Diamondfire Apparel is Global, for women of various sizes today and it’s Diverse. (smiling)

How would you define your style?

I’m complex… It’s all on my mood and where I’m going. I can wear jeans and a t-shirt, leggings, a pretty blouse and some open-toe sandals, a mini-dress and knee-hi boots and a nice blouse or a patterned dress… I don’t Have a particular style luv, I AM STYLE. (smiling wink)


How can we find you on social media?

March 21, 2019 – Much Luv and Shout Out to Bia from CNF Magazine for this Fashion Interview

Bia, It’s the support of people like you that keep me moving forward. I appreciate you! 

Fashion Model Search 2019 | Diamondfire Apparel

No Experience Necessary.

Up to four females are Needed, each as one of the multicultural faces of

handmade fashion launch 2019.

Creative, energetic and photo-loving and video-loving females with positive attitudes are needed to participate in this fashion modeling project.

With a growing network of  International and nation-wide fans, an ethnic variety of charming faces are needed to model exotic fashions and represent the independent, distinguished and foXy-classy style of Diamondfire Apparel.

Chosen Models will be featured on the clothing line’s Boutique Store , the influential Fashion Blog and also in a variety of fashion campaigns online and offline to thousands of international and nationwide supporters, prospects,  subscribers and affiliates / fashion partners.


  • Four females are needed to pose in fashion photos and do video modeling wearing handmade fashion dresses and fashion accessories called leg jewelry.
  • Participants get handmade fashion products, high quality and professional fashion photography and social media media exposure. See more details below.


  • Experience Not Required***
  • FREE (Custom-made) Designer fashion accessories
  • FREE High Quality, Professional Photos
  • FREE Fashion Photo Shoot
  • FREE Social Media Exposure/Promotion, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & More
  • FREE feature on Diamondfire Apparel’s FaceBook Fan Page 
  • FREE YouTube Promotion – get featured videos (Model will be expected to participate in (1) video for How to Wear Fashion Accessory products, (1) video for About Model and (1) video showcasing various outfits with the fashion accessory set being modeled.)
  • FREE Exposure/Promotion to over 2,000 Fashion Subscribers Nationwide + International!
  • Monthly Advertising Exposure to over 10,000 fashion lovers across the network – Nationwide and International!
  • Eligible to become long-term contractor or even a permanent hire as a (BLM) (Boutique Line Model),  at Diamondfire Apparel.


  • Must be Female, age 18 and older.
  • Must be a F a s h i o n – L o V e r with a strong and positive energy and a CAN-do attitude.
  • Must Love to take Fabulous Photos!
  • Must have and be comfortable wearing a pair of heels.
  • You May Bring and Apply Your Own Makeup, but for this Modeling Project, a Natural Look is strongly preferred.
  • *WOMEN of ALL Ethnic Backgrounds* are Encouraged to Apply. This will be a Diverse Fashion Modeling Project / Photo Shoot.
  • Model Agreement must be signed on OR before the date of hire.
  • NON-Union, Independent Women for Fashion Modeling Only.**
  • Only Serious Candidates Need Apply Please.**
  • LOCATION: Central Phoenix, AZ area (USA)
  • For examples of prior fashion model collaborations with Diamondfire Apparel, visit FASHION RESUME

Apply with your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Modeling Profile URL.