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Lovely indie fashion model Tina AKA Young T.. She’s doing her thang in these poses… I was super happy to find out that she loves her dress. It was purely an adrenaline rush to be able to make this for her. This is my very first fashion dress design design for someone other than myself! Lol!


It all started from an idea… When I first saw the animal print material, it attracted me. I said to myself, “I’m a use this.” And then I looked for a color or tone that would match perfectly and found the solid color to coordinate. I said to myself, “This is gonna be a fashion dress!” Now, with the help of indie fashion model Young T, she made it COME ALIVE when she slipped into this dress.

It went from being two pieces of fashion fabric, to being a fashion dress on a hanger on the door, to being modeled by indie model #fuckwithayoungbitchMUCH LOVE AND A WARM SHOUTOUT!


Indeed Ms. Lucie is “having fun with it”, as she says she loves to do in fashion modeling. (smiling)

She is truly wonderful. It definitely was cool fun working with her last photo shoot. I love her playful and fun energy.

I can’t wait to call her and tell her that a new opportunity has arrived!



It all started from an idea… When I first saw the animal print material, it attracted me. I said to myself, “I’m a use this.” And then I looked for something that would match perfectly and found the solid color to coordinate. I said to myself, “This is it!” Now, with the help of indie fashion model Lucie, she made it COME ALIVE when she slid into this dress.

It went from being two pieces of fashion fabric, to being a fashion dress laid out on my sewing table, to being modeled by indie model Lucie V.MUCH LOVE AND A WARM SHOUTOUT!

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My #Fashion Design Fire Will Remain F O R E V E R L I T… Keepin' creative flows… #ingenuity #distinctive #fabulous I specialize in #fashiondresses & #costumejewelry designs My goal, is to continually design and create for YOU. YOU, being the woman who demands style and distinction. YOU, being the lady who has an "acquired taste". YOU, being the DiVa who supports and embraces #handmadefashion TO ALL DIVAS, NATIONWIDE & INTERNATIONAL Test my Quality of #fashiondesign & #sewing TO YOU, THIS IS MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE, My goal is for you to tell ya girlfriends and family, the fashion boutique to go to… "Shine like a Diamond, in HOTTT like FIRE Apparel." Diamondfire Apparel WWW.DIAMONDFIREAPPAREL.NET

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Eyes on indie model Lucie, she’s playful and vibrant in this pic! A picture paints a thousand words.
What do you think of when you see this pic?


Indie model Tina posing on the steps!
What words do you think of when you look at this pic?

Which of the two Indie Models do you like Better?

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Today I am SUPER excited as I add new clients to my fashion list! I gotta say, that when you are working on your business, brick by brick building it up, it is HELLA WORK! Because I am self taught in all of my skills and work history in fashion and I am not main stream – and somewhat of an introvert, (laughing) – it took me YEARS to start to uncover the resources and information necessary to succeed as a startup, entrepreneur or small business. Out of ALL of the challenges I have faced in this entire experience.. online marketing and networking really have been the most challenging for me.

One of the things I have learned is to NEVER blend in. Always stand out, in a productive and creative  way of course. Apply a similar strategy, like when you are going for a job – you don’t want to blend in, because you will then likely be categorized “like everyone else”. In whatever it is that you want to do or that you’re doing now, DON’T FOLLOW THE CROWD, LEAD THE CROWD. But I must give God the glory, because truly I am building, slowly but surely – HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF, EVEN EVENTUALLY!

I took a moment to work on some new pics for my indie models. Those girls are FANTASTIC! I appreciate them so much. It adds so much value when people believe in you and work with you – even when you’re starting small, ESPECIALLY when you’re starting small.

I have had conversations with many people who work independently and who work for themselves. It’s like music to my ears. There’s NOTHING like working independently and for yourself, doing what you LOVE. It no longer is work. It is a career path or a career choice indeed!


Shout out to ALL of you who said Yes to me, when you could have politely passed me by. Every engagement, every sign up, every constructive interaction, I Thank You for. I continue to upgrade and optimize my content, products and services – EXCLUSIVELY because of You. (Smiling)

In the laws of business nowadays, I have learned that it is extremely important to find your network, that group of supporters and engaging persons. I’m glad that I’m starting to find you all. My plan is to continue to develop new and engaging content for you to enjoy. And of course – as always, contact me with questions, concerns and feedback – anytime. I can be reached simply by joining this blog and “reply to this post” OR you can reach out by major my social media channels. Shout out to ALL of you who support what I do, who respect what I do and who LOVE what I do. You play a major role in my continuous inspiration and dedication and you FUEL my ambition and motivation!!

I appreciate EVERY SINGLE one of you. MUAH!

A Warm Shout Out to all of my friends and support systems nationwide and international. Every kind word, every following, every share, every like, all assistance and every word of positivity is truly a blessing to me.

Enjoy this new set of fashion photography of my girls.. Fashion Prodigies 1 and 2… Stay tuned, more PHOTO FIYAH coming soon to a hood near you, LMAO!

#BandeauDresses #TubeDresses #LegJewelry | Ignite the Creative Fire of My #Fashion #Designs

Do you like clubbing or partying? Do you love looking great, rocking the latest designer fashions? Maybe you are going on a date? Maybe you’re heading to a special event, or even to a costume party – but hate the price tag associated with buying other brands?

Sure, you can shop with other stores or boutiques for fashion dresses, but only at Diamondfire Apparel – you actually get more ingenuity…creativity, plus you still get high quality service but at a better price. This brand is a unique presentation of high quality designs, fabrics and fashion sewing. You are covered from casual, to formal, to anything in between. Pick your colors, prints and patterns.

I work well with a variety of fashion fabrics, including sequins, lace, satin, silk, denim, stretch fabrics, stretch prints even faux furs and more; the choice is yours. You may want a cute and comfortable tube dress. You may want a dressier, stylish bandeau dress that enhances your elegance. Either way, I AM FAIR GAME Luv!😉

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Diamondfire Apparel is not mass produced, but limited edition because it’s custom designed and handmade with sewing machine. Don’t FIND fabulous clothes, don’t SHOP for fabulous clothes, instead have fabulous new clothes DESIGNED and sewn to order… for you, and all affordably for under $50. Opt in to accentuate your fashion statement with handmade stylish leg jewelry sets to decorate your legs or other styles of costume jewelry.

The only thing you need to make sure that you have – is a strapless bra or tube bra to wear with your new dress!

Diamondfire Apparel is exclusively for women who desire to turn heads… of other women, and men too! Be blessed with trendsetting and flirty fashion dress styles of bandeau dresses, tube dresses and leg jewelry. You are just a few clicks away from perfection.

From Idea, to Fabric, to Creation… Come to Me. My work speaks for itself:

“Shine like a Diamond, in HOTTT like Fire apparel.” | Diamondfire Apparel 

Diamondfire Apparel | Contributions: Giving Back


Hi, I’m Not Just a Fashion Professional, I’m Also a Woman with Humanitarian and Contributing Qualities….

Below is my Resume for general contributions and volunteering. COMING SOON approximately NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2019.