About the Designer


I specialize in the imagination, creation, design, sketching, diagramming and production of ladies fashion clothing and accessories.

I have a knack for matching and coordinating and blending patterns, fabrics and colors together. I have a strong, creative imagination and what may take some people months to imagine and create, I do in minutes!

Fashion Design and Sewing are My Therapy. It’s an ADRENALINE RUSH from the time I arrive at the fabric shop, til the time I get back home and cut out patterns to create something new and distinctive.

I remember at the age of 18, 19 me sketching diagrams of fashion merchandise… Shoes, clothes, boots and costume jewelry. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. In my mind and creative eye, there are hundreds of brand new clothes designs that could be invented just from the fabrics in local stores.

I specialize in the design and production of fashion accessories and costume jewelry designs called leg jewelry

I also specialize in designing and making fashion bandeau dresses and tube dresses


When you talk about getting fashion fabrics ordered online, it opens the vortex of designs even more because there’s much more fabric online than in local stores. More colors, more patterns, more shades. I get so excited that I can look at a particular material and say, “that’s a column dress design.” Or “that’s part of a dressy jumpsuit design.”

I work well with laces, fishnets, sequins, patterns, prints, solids, furs, leathers, knits, stretches and non-stretches, prints and patterns. I CAN HELP! If I’m left in a room of fashion fabrics, I will create many designs, guaranteed!

From Idea, to Fabric, to Creation… Come to Me. My work speaks for itself.

The photos include my indie fashion models Lucie and Tina of Diamondfire Apparel. They are both featuring bandeau dresses which I designed and made for them. Tina, the first model at the top features and an animal cat print and solid tone bandeau dress with ribbon tie up in the back. Lucie features a black and white stripe and solid white fashion bandeau dress that ties up in the front.

And Now, I’m in to T-shirts…


I’m working on introducing a t-shirt line for men and women.. and possibly even kids! I want to feature some cute, fashion tees and tops like this one.

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