Nosy Stalking Neighbors {Censored} BLACK MAGICK {Sequel} | Diamondfire Apparel blog

Nosy Stalking Neighbors {Censored} BLACK MAGICK {Sequel} | Diamondfire Apparel blog


Spiritual Attack Real Life Story: This is the Sequel to Nosy Stalking Neighbors {Censored} Reader’s Discretion Advised.

My Hands to War

My Hands to War

Spirit attachment, energy attachment, aura attachment, parasitic attachment, parasitic entity, chakra attachment … (Part 3)

I just have to express myself before I go deeper in to this real-life, raw, un-cut story. Everything you are about to read is 100% FACT. I have NOTHING to gain by lying and I especially would not lie about a situation like this. The details in this story I could NEVER make up. This is #NOJOKE.

This is the final part to my original story about former neighbors I had that would physically stalk and follow me from room-to-room in my old apartment. They started following me during the time frame that I would be in my bathroom showering and then shortly after, it just got worse from there. I do believe that this same woman is now attached to my aura, my energy field as a low-vibration, parasitic entity attachment whose ultimate goal is to possess my entire physical body at some point.

 Photo by Farzad Sedaghat from Pexels

Photo by Farzad Sedaghat from Pexels


Honestly, you may believe the story I am about to tell you or NOT BELIEVE. Really, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not because the fact is – I KNOW THE TRUTH. And this story is real-life, 100% TRUE. I am here to tell you that if you are one of those people who fear death, I am telling you to fear not. Why? Because there most certainly is life after death. For those of you who do not believe in angels, ghosts, supernatural powers and entities and demons, things like that, I am here to confirm with you that all these things are SO REAL. And to NEVER FEAR. Even I had a hard time believing that something like this could happen to anyone, and even went through periods of Shock, but I KNOW NOW. THIS SHIT IS REAL AND CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!

I do understand that a lot of people who live mundane, regular lives would have absolutely no idea or maybe no concept for understanding a situation like this because they have never been exposed to it. And to be honest, I do understand if it is hard for you to believe these vivid and factual details. But believe me when I tell you, {I go into shock-mode regularly because it is crazy as hell to acknowledge that someone else is attached to you inside, that you are also carrying an energy or spirit of another person, basically you are carrying extra physical weight. It is hard for ME to believe, and I am going through it! 😂🤣🤪 FEAR, CONFUSION, AND DOUBT ARE YOUR WORST ENEMIES, AMEN. #MINDGAMESWITHDARKMAGICK

In a way though – to a certain degree, I kind of don’t understand why some people would find my story THAT hard to believe, because drugs, alcohol and negativity feed in to and procreate a level of supernatural or paranormal powers. Think about it, if you are twisted up on alcohol or weed or even stronger drugs, there are some extremely powerful experiences you can endure. What do you think is happening to you? For one, you are lowering your energy vibration and two, you are experiencing a psychedelic drug effect which feeds in to a paranormal or supernatural experience, or as many call it, getting high! 🤪😂


I found the following video on YouTube regarding “spirit attachments”. I believe that a lot of the information in this video is true, however my spirit attachment is of a person who is living. At least she was when I moved out…. I believe that she used some sort of magick to be able to access my auric field. Also, some of the symptoms differ a little compared to my noted symptoms below. See video:


I AM LIVING PROOF that spirits DO EXIST because currently I have one attached to me. As I am researching and learning more, it appears that she is a parasitic entity attachment. THIS IS NOT IN MY HEAD, NO, I AM NOT CRAZY, UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR IMPAIRED IN ANY WAY. I AM AS SERIOUS AS CANCER about everything I am speaking here. This shit is REAL. I have a spirit attached to me currently and I believe her intention is to finally possess my body. The raw, un-cut full story about how all this STARTED is included HERE.

In the name of ALL that is Holy and Truly Righteous, she WILL NOT succeed. She will GREATLY FAIL. In the Name of Ahayah Asher Ahayah she will horribly FAIL.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

And You know what? This experience has been BOTH an EXTREME blessing and yet an EXTREME CURSE… Because it is EXTREMELY VIOLATING for ANYONE to access your PERSONAL, PRIVATE, GOD-GIVEN AURA, YOUR ENERGY. It’s an intrusion, an invasion, like breaking and entering… Breaking and entering in to YOU. I feel as though I’m being violated all the time.

And yet, this situation is a BLESSING because I NOW believe in supernatural, paranormal powers, I believe in everything NOW. And yet also, I FEAR NOTHING!

I also want to clarify something else…

There is NOTHING Godly or Just about ANY spirit entering your body un-welcomed. This spirit or energy is the spirit of a previous neighbor I had that used to physically stalk and track me from room-to-room, stalking me in my old apartment where I used to live. She started her antics by following me in to the bathroom area mysteriously while I am showering and now she lives in MY aura…

This is one of the MOST CREEPY, DEMENTED, UNUSUALLY WEIRD, FREAKY, UNJUST, SATANIC, MISCHIEVOUS, INTRUDING, TRESPASSING, MEDDLESOME THINGS THAT ONE CAN DO TO ANOTHER. Any JUST spirit would show courtesy and respect to NOT ENTER unless provided specific permission and was authentically welcomed. This woman is a parasite and a burden. I need a Spiritual Medium that specializes in destroying spirit attachments and destroying spiritual attacks. One who can close and fiercely protect one’s aura and energy so that no entities or spirits (dead or alive) attach itself to a human life.

 Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels


The last couple of days I lived there. She was following me throughout the house even while I was packing. I didn’t have ONE SECOND alone from her. It felt so good when I moved. I thought we would never be in contact with each other again! About four days later after I moved, I felt her scary pulse inside of my body, also that body jerking shit she does, and that weird shaking shit. I KNEW IT WAS HER. What had happened to me? Well, because she was doing her dark rituals against me to possess my body, and my soul had openings in it from all of the evil attacks against me, she was able to enter her energy in to my body. On the flip side, I KNEW it was HER because before I moved out of the apartment, I could literally FEEL her pulse inside of me, I just didn’t know that she had already started immorally entering my body. At one point, I could SMELL her – and that bytch STANK! 😂🤣 Let me tell you, I could SMELL HER arm pits, and they were musty. I KNEW it wasn’t me because I showered thoroughly every day. But just imagine, EVERY DAY she did the same thing… No work, no school, nothing to do outside the apartment, just focusing on ME ONLY, following me around from room to room. With all those things in her itinerary, HOW could she possibly have time to wash her ass, cook a good meal, make love to her boyfriend-slave?? 😂🤣 When she did her dark rituals, she MADE SURE that she put A LOT of HER energy inside of my body, as much as she physically and magickally could. I BET HER physical body was tired as hell, because so much of it was busy being inside of my fragmented body.


LOL! I did talk A LOT of SHIT to her before I moved. But I NEVER lied. I told her the 100% TRUTH, I gave her 100% FACTS. I told her things about her self and she couldn’t STAND IT. The ONLY thing she could do to me WAS use dark magick because PHYSICALLY against me, she never could stand a chance. Could she still be upset with me over the things I called her out on regarding her weirdo behavior? Ooooops! Too FUCKIN’ BAD! Am I supposed to just accept that she’s a weirdo voyeur or something, tryna be sneaking and watch me in my apartment, or haunt me in my apartment and NOT call her out on her shit? I THINK NOT! I let her fuckin’ have it here:

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I want to know WHY this woman chose me? Did she pass away or commit suicide after I moved out in order for her to attach herself to me? {This type of behavior for her is consistent because when I lived in the apartment I lost ALL PRIVACY with her… She FOLLOWED and STALKED ME EVERYWHERE in the apartment} Or is she alive but under magick while haunting me? How can a LIVING spirit attach to the energy field or the internal body (aura) of another living spirit??? Is her ultimate goal to one day posess my entire body? What is her and her boyfriend’s names? What is her obsession with me that she was so persistent about attaching to me even after I moved? What is so intriguing about my energy? What is the story with her and her boyfriend? Are there any other attachments on me? What made them curious about me in the first place? 😳🤔🤬

Usually I hear of spirits that have passed away attaching to people. I have NEVER HEARD of a living person tampering with magick so that they can access someone’s body or aura. It doesn’t make any sense! I am also wondering if it is possible for me to have her removed in such a dramatic way like this:

She is spiritually and firmly removed by a protecting spirit on my behalf. She tries to grip and grab on to me, but her methods no longer work. She is aggressively trying to hang on to me and hold on to me but she is being dragged away from me in to a powerful fear. All of my spiritual openings are then healed and powerfully sealed with NO ATTACHMENTS. Serenity Now.




I am not fully possessed by her, she is attached to me on my under-surface (not yet anyway – not EVER – I’m fighting back!) but she is extremely close to possession because she is inside of my inner energy field. See below my symptoms 100%. Since I have moved from that place. About four to five days later, I started to develop the following symptoms LITERALLY:

 Photo by Elina Krima from Pexels

Photo by Elina Krima from Pexels

  1. An un-welcomed, uninvited guest is simply THAT – an uninvited and un-welcomed guest. It feels extremely uncomfortable and invading. This being or spirit is inside of your most private and organic space. ⚠❗🚫❌🚷🌌 I feel angry and I want to destroy this bytch because she is an intruder or an invader who “broke in” to my humble abode. Your privacy and personal space has been invaded. You know you’re NOT alone.
  2. I feel an extreme sense of astonishment and amazement. But not really on a positive note. I can’t believe this is happening. It all feels surreal. It’s a “hard pill to swallow” Daily I feel like “I can’t believe this is happening to me” and “Why me? Why am I suffering like this???”
  3. Your body heat increases. It feels crowded around you but physically appears that you are alone. Feeling like you’re carrying around “extra weight” or feeling pressure of another person while bending, walking, leaning, sitting, etc. A feeling of “that’s not me” or “I am not doing this” or even “I am not doing this alone”. The air feels thicker when you are being physically active. You’re moving around a lot in a fast pace, bending, jumping, stretching, etc.
  4. Too much energy pressure or weight. Like you are overcrowded by physically by the human eye, it APPEARS like it’s just you there.
  5. Feeling a physical vibration {like maybe a pulse} of another living person “inside” my body.
  6. Feel things crawling on my skin and I feel touches sometimes.
  7. The woman who lived above me had two physical ticks or issues I discovered while I lived in my former apartment. 1. She has a tick where her body would jerk or shake out of nowhere for apparently no reason, like she has an issue with her nerves. 2. This woman has a weird vibration: it’s like a constant and fast pulse!
  8. When I lay down to sleep, I feel her heartbeat and her shaking or vibrating body lying under me.
  9. When I sit down, even on the toilet, I feel extra weight or pressure under me. Pressure that is doing exactly what I am doing at the same time I’m doing it.
  10. While I am in the shower, I feel extra weight or pressure. It feels like someone else is also in the shower with me, copying every single thing I do, every movement I make.
  11. Dizziness – Like the speed of time and movement has changed in some way.
  12. I believe that she is trying to send me signals of fear, anger and hurt. I believe she is trying to get me to become more isolated and shut people out.*
  13. I find myself tired more and sleeping longer. Like my energy is being slowly drained. Scratches, bruises and marks on the body with no seeming cause.
  14. Peculiar sensations such as crawling and touching sensations and itching.
  15. A feeling that something isn’t right.
  16. Brain fog – inability to focus, feeling confused or dazed.
  17. Scratches, bruises and marks on the body with no seeming cause.
  18. Low mood vibrations like depression or persistent sadness.
  19. Random emotional bursts of negative emotions including anger and panic. (See #12)
  20. Feeling blocked, unlucky and stuck or obstacles, challenges and setbacks constantly ongoing.
  21. I do have a lot of back pains and I have read that one of the ways that spirits can attach to you is through your back.

 Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels


Place your hand over your chest. Stop yourself from breathing for a few seconds. If you still FEEL a heartbeat, then it has been CONFIRMED that it is NOT you alone.


Right now, I am still researching experienced Spiritual healers with powerful psychic abilities to help me remove her permanently, secure, protect and close up my aura openings and answer all my questions about who this woman really is, why she chose me, how she was able to enter my auric field, why she entered me, etc.I need someone who can answer ALL my questions and provide me with ALL the details about this woman, from beginning to end. Sincerely, I want to punch this stalking bitch in the fuckin’ face… Add an extra pair of lips to her face when I bust her in the mouth. I am EXTREMELY ANGRY that she invaded my energy field and violated my personal space and privacy. I’m sorry for cursing because I know that cursing and getting upset demonstrates low-vibration energy also, but I’m so upset that someone or any being would have the audacity to invade or intrude on another’s privacy like this. #FUCKEDUP I need my personal space and privacy back!

 Photo by nappy from Pexels

Photo by nappy from Pexels


Stand tall, stand strong, be courageous! Evil is indeed among us and now we battle with seen and unseen, known and unknown. I am now realizing how serious this is. How there are demonic and low-vibrational attacks going on daily. People’s lives are being changed abruptly. #TIMETOFIGHT!

I think that’s why she is trying to stir up evil eye malice against me. I believe spirits are walking around above my head, which I believe is HER and her boyfriend, I live on the first floor and there IS no second floor.

Does grudges, malice and other low vibrational feelings HELP to develop soul fragmentation?

Purposes of the curse:
To get you and keep you in negativity and destructive emotions
To keep you ignorant to the facts that spirit possession, attachment, and spirit attachment-possession are ALL forms of ABOMINATIONS. You don’t have to keep spirits attached to you or inside of you. Help is Here. The attackers want you to believe that there is no hope or that you are at a dead end.
Whoever put the curse or black magick on you has the intent that you will go on a rage and hurt yourself, someone else, or go crazy and self destruct so you will NEVER FIND OUT THE TRUTH. You deserve to know WHY you are being attacked. You deserve to know WHO is attacking you.
To get you and keep you away from prayer, meditation, and helpful things like spiritual cleansing, and karmic cleansing.
To get you to a point where you are completely alone and have no one to turn to
To get you to self destruct in your emotions so you may try to take your own life
To ultimately break you down to surrender yourself to them or to take your life away

That’s why the black magick dog knew my movements EVERYWHERE in the apartment because she had summoned my spirit while I was sleeping so she got an intense connection to me. And just like she sensed every move I made, I sensed every move she made because I was also aware of her presence just like she was sensing mine.

The black magick witch dog already made the connection to my spirit BEFORE I moved from the apartment so later she could attempt to access my body. She then started psychic attacks, one of them being to convince me to cancel my order with MickeBatler so that she could attack me by NOT only attaching herself to my external body but ALSO attaching herself to my inner body WHILE she ALSO has my spirit captive. She then did more rituals to access my sensories, being able to see through my eyes, hear through my ears and feel through my body.

The dog already made the connection to me through using ritual and black magick, possession by evil spirit. She did this while I slept to MAKE the connection. And she continued to attack on me with negative thoughts and emotions, painful and irritation psyhic attacks, trying to damage my aura where I will become alone more and turn people away from me, and try to weaken me more and more

Spirit attachments, spirit possessions, and spirit attachment possessions like the one I have can have severe symptoms of skin irritation, inflammation, and itching. These symptoms occur specifically because the victim’s body is physically reacting to something being present in it and it is not supposed to be there. The body is also trying to repel and flush out this presence of the foreign and intruding spirit but cannot and therefore the warnings or signs include the skin irritation and inflammation. For example, when the body obtains a virus, an illness or sickness, the body reacts to the effects currently happening.

Also, psychic attacks can occur in many ways that come from the attacking spirit. Spirit attachment, spirit possessions, and spirit attachment-possessions can happen NOT only demons and deceased people, but ALSO spirits of people who are born in to life and can die as well, just as you and I, for example, spirits of witches.

Black magick and curses are 100% REAL and the only access points to spirit possessions, spirit attachments, and spirit attachment-possessions.

Signs of this:
Skin irritation
Skin inflammation
Soars, wounds, or scabs that are slow to heal or won’t heal.
Heavy Energy drainage – you feel tired or sleepy a lot

The tools to fix these problems:
Spiritual cleansing (the cleansing of curses, black magick, and overall spiritual cleansing*)
Karmic cleansing
Aura cleansing

She scratched me on my back earlier last week, and I believe that she is panicking. She’s trying to conjure up every bit of trouble that she WHILE she can.

Create a poem dedicated to people who have suffered from having spirit attachment, spirit possession, and spirit attachment-possession attacks also people who have died from having spirit attachment, spirit possession, and spirit attachment-possession attacks.

You are prone to mood swings and possible outbursts unless you try extremely hard to not experience them. You are suffering a spiritual invasion, one of the most devastating and violating intrusions ever. You are being extremely violated so it is extremely understandable that you would experience mood swings, trauma, and other effects, etc.

The Spirit – during spirit possessions, attachments, and attachment-possessions, if your soul remains unhealed and unrepaired, the physical and spiritual body SUFFER. The victim continues to attract negative circumstances, feelings, and physical and spiritual attacks. This is why it is soo important to have healing, cleansing, and repair for ALL of the etheric and physical bodies equally, Amen.

See, Alot of people TALK about dealing with spiritual battles but few people ACTUALLY KNOW what one REALLY IS.. BUT I DO..

I have physically EXPERIENCED this witch PHYSICALLY attempt to STEAL my actual soul RIGHT OUT OF MY BODY, but it did not work, Amen. She also came VERY CLOSE to PHYSICALLY Controlling my physical body but another witch who was trying to help me STOPPED her in her tracks and that made her very angry, so she attacked him hard with pain. This is VERY REAL. NO JOKE.


Headline Image credit: Pexels Joanne Adela

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