My Spiritual Cleansing January 2022 | Diamondfire Apparel blog

My Spiritual Cleansing January 2022 | Diamondfire Apparel blog


My Spiritual Cleansing January 2022

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Thank you for joining me.

Before we begin, I HAVE TO say this: This is ONE of the reasons why the Most High God, maker of the Universe, of ALL things, of Heaven and of Earth, DID NOT want our bloodline forefather Adam to eat anything from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, Amen. HE NEVER WANTED for us to have to deal with the negative effects of witchcraft, negative energy, general negativities, etc. He had in mind a simpler and stress-free life and living in general, Amen. In addition, this is why spiritual cleansing, purification, and healing are so extremely important – especially nowadays.

Welcome to my post about my second spiritual cleansing experience.
I am a Spiritual Elevationist. (I LOVE This Title!)

I am a being of judge and jury – by THIS I mean that I help destroy unrighteous curses, hexes, evil-eye, malicious energetic attacks, and ALL other negativities and powers against victims, Amen.

I Fiercely Utilize the Powers of True Karma, and I help DesignerAfi AKA Afi Fennick from Diamondfire Apparel

Destroy un-welcomed, un-wanted, or unrighteous spirit or energy attachments, possessions, and semi-possessions, and ALL other negativities, Amen.

In addition, I AM the voice for those who cannot speak, I fight AND Win for those who feel they aren’t able to fight, I see through situations and circumstances if those who are too badly broken and confused to see with their own eyes, Amen.

I AM strong like the mightiest wind, Amen, like the fiercest fire, Amen, like an open flame, Amen. I fiercely fight for men, women, and children, Amen, I fight for babies too, Amen. I fight for animals and pets, like cats and dogs, Amen. Because they need help too, Amen.

Designer Afi AKA Afi Fennick Diamondfire Apparel
Designer Afi AKA Afi Fennick Diamondfire Apparel

I had my SECOND spiritual shower… A spiritual bath or shower is something a person takes to cleanse, detox, or purify their spirit – their aura, their soul. One could take a single spiritual bath or wash OR perform one as a ritual, which would be a series of spiritual baths ONCE per day for a NUMBER of days. For example, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, OR 30 days.

We clean or wash our bodies with physical showers, baths, or both. We take our cars to the shop for maintenance, fixes, and tune-ups, we clean our homes, so why NOT cleanse our spirits as well?

There are MANY ways to truly cleanse ourselves. I believe that the BEST way to cleanse ourselves spiritually is to include THREE spiritual/metaphysical processes: a spiritual cleansing, a spiritual purification, AND an UNCROSSING. Let’s analyze this a little deeper…

To cleanse is to make something thoroughly clean.
To purify is to remove contaminants from something.
To uncross is to move or return (something) back from a crossed up position.
Photo by Rebecca from Pexels
Photo by Rebecca from Pexels


Uncrossing is returning someone’s spirit from a crossed up condition placed on them on against them. It’s basically a compilation of negative energies that are ENERGETICALLY ATTACHED to a person’s soul or spirit. Usually if you live a mundane life, you won’t be able to Know, See, or Feel it, but I GUARANTEE You, if these energies are left attached to your spirit for an extended period of time, you will DEFINITELY start to suffer even more, and AFTER you will be able to Feel or Know that SOMETHING DEFINITELY wrong is happening to you.

When a person gets spiritually attacked, it is usually because that person is in a {spiritually} crossed condition. Another reason the person could be spiritually attacked could be due to a punishment of some sort as well. Spiritual cross-ups or crossings occur after a person is targeted, typically by multiple people and/or spirits with negative and nasty (nasty meaning evil or malicious) thoughts, actions, OR intentions. If you are crossed up in the spiritual realm, then you are also crossed up in the physical world as well. And vice-versa, if you are physically crossed up in the physical realm, then your spirit or soul is also spiritually affected.

People become spiritually crossed because of negative energies like negative thoughts, reactions, or actions aimed at them are developed. Also, people can be BORN in to crossed conditions through energetic methods including curses, hexes, evil-eye, or other negative thoughts or energies aimed at them are building up. To be cursed, whether directly from a source or sources, or of a generational curse over time, these are some examples of extreme energetic assaults or spiritual assaults. Which I also find them to be spiritual or energetic abominations, Amen.
If any of these circumstances are left unaddressed or unresolved, these negative energies gradually develop and build up as severe spiritual attacks and/or physical manifestations of negativity with the target or victim. These physical, real-life manifestations can be a series of different roadblocks in the form of setbacks, challenges, and obstacles.
These attacks can also come in a variety of situations, causing mental, social, physical, sexual, financial impairments, or all of the above. Death can also become a physical manifestation also, even becoming a haunted victim, or the victim can attract negative spiritual attachments to their physical body. You will KNOW or at least have a HINT causing you to suspect something is up when you continuously run in to oppressive challenges, unnecessary or repeated failures, or a series of miscellaneous bad luck.
EVERYONE should experience a spiritual cleansing. And my suggestion – doing it via a cleanse, a purification, AND an uncrossing is for sure THE BEST METHOD of cleansing. THIS METHOD is a pure spiritual detox, Amen.

Pow! Wow! Wham! Bam! Kick! Boom!

That’s how powerfully amazing I feel after my second spiritual shower. I FEEL #READY to KICK THE ASS OF EVIL AND MALICE and take names, lol!

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels
Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

I created my very first homemade spiritual bath last year, January 2021 – and THAT ONE was INDEED POWERFUL! That experience I wrote about here.

My first spiritual bath, I did not do a ritual. I only took the bath ONE TIME. This second cleansing, I did a full-blown, thirteen-day ritual. Anyways, I thought to myself that if I had the power to develop a homemade spiritual wash that obtained so much power and positive energy, I really wanted to go even HARDER THIS time around… So I did a few things differently, but made some improvements…

  • I wrote down my ingredients

I added a series of my own essential oils, herbs, spices, resins, fruits, plants, salts, and a few boosters to make the batch extra strong. This is what I LOVE, MORE POWER. Turbo-charge that spiritual shyt, lol! To tell you the Honest Truth, you can have a ONE-INGREDIENT spiritual bath or UNCROSSING BATH BECAUSE what it REALLY comes down to is, your commitment to completing the ritual, your intentional regarding the ritual, and the prayer you back up with it, Amen! The spirits of God will do the rest and handle the details! #TRUST

Photo by Green Iris from Pexels
Photo by Green Iris from Pexels
Photo by Monstera from Pexels
Photo by Monstera from Pexels
  • I wrote a custom prayer

I wrote my own custom prayer addressing everything I wanted to resolve and remove from my life and existence. It’s about getting straight to the point and keeping it as simple as possible, The spirits surrounding you are aware of what severity of circumstances you are facing. They WANT to help you but have been WAITING for you to ask.

Photo by George Becker from Pexels
Photo by George Becker from Pexels
  • I backed my spiritual bath ritual with the Added but Necessary Power of Prayer!

Let me tell you, I went from being that person who had no interest in praying and not praying at all, to praying Every Day, Amen. And this was recently, too! But when I learned from spirit that evil spirits were using that (and other things) to help keep me under attack and under their control, I developed my own personal power to stop that horrible pattern of behavior. It’s a vicious cycle. You’re already in a seriously negative situation, but that’s not good enough once you have been targeted and are under attack from malevolent spirits and entities.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

NOW, I Feel….

Day ONE:

My first day spiritual shower… I make sure I add the spiritual herbal 🌿 water to my hair, my face, and my entire body – I’m not that girl to be fycking around. I’m IN! Day one ritual felt different from my very first bath.. My very first one, I felt a burst of power, cleanliness, revitalization, and loving. I’m like am addict, tryna chase that FIRST spiritual high! 🤣

For this one, Day One, I felt Extra clean, if that makes any sense at all. But again, I FEEL loving, I feel Good. 🌺🌷🕊️✨

Day TWO:

I was also spiritually led to gain more protection, and I did, Amen. You wanna know something??? As traumatic and tragic as my spiritual crossing has been, I now feel grateful, honored, and without regret about the entire experience. There are many, many blessings for me and others throughout this tragedy, Amen. Too many blessings to count. I am truly grateful and appreciative for the powerful wisdom and understanding I now have regarding the metaphysical. I am also honored that life happened just the way it did to me so that I could discover prominent information, be the one to force balance, true karmic reversal, and to be blessed as one of the chosen ones to regulate and to fight for spiritual justice, Amen. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

My only regret is that I am JUST NOW discovering more about spiritual baths and such… The past several years for me have been intense and powerful. However, my recent 13-day spiritual cleansing and uncrossing has officially been EVEN MORE POWERFUL and EXTREMELY INTENSE, Amen!


I discovered that chanting or speaking OUT LOUD positive reinforcements, positive affirmations, positive intentions helps your cleansing and healing GREATLY. It serves as a highly effective effort to change and to elevate, Amen. And you know what? BONUS! I’m no longer angry or hateful to ANY of the people/spirits who intentionally and viciously attacked me through magick and negativity, Amen. WOW! My Spiritual Bath is ROCKIN!

The world we live in today consists of GOOD and EVIL. They BOTH exist and it’s all good… for now, until the Most High God deals personally with them, Amen. This is my new motto: “I’m not even mad with you anymore. But you gonna deal wit yo shit though.” LOL! There are consequences and repercussions for malice and evil, Amen. And I will make whatever you try to send me to return back to you and SLAP YOU in your face, Amen!

If a person or being is BRAVE ENOUGH to cast evil, malice, negative intentions, etc. to another, then that person or being MUST BE just as brave to RECEIVE whatever was sent out, Amen. It’s the rule of balance and justice. And we all know, that wherever there is imbalance and injustice, chaos rules. I started to feel minor backlash attempts including low-vibration feelings like doubt, fear, worry, dwelling on a situation(s), etc. from the negativities that don’t really want to be removed, but are being physically removed, Amen. #SOBEIT


More spiritual gifts, Amen! Between day three and four, I started to feel LIGHTER, the toxic energies began PHYSICALLY removing, Amen. I got some more spiritual insight to slightly TWEAK or improve my prayers, Amen. You know, when dealing with the metaphysical, it is best to be very specific and clear about your desires, Amen.


I woke up feeling good today, Amen. ONE of my uncrossing candles finally went out. I feel positive about it, Amen. I’m confident that the spirits are working on things IN MY FAVOR, Amen. I have been shown positive signs before, so why give up now, Amen?

Day SIX:

I had a dream that I was uncrossed, Amen! I immediately forgot the dream quickly after I woke up. I also got awoken out of my dream by a phone call, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

I been getting more psyhic attacks and more feelings of doubt, worry, fear, etc. There’s really no reason for me to be feeling these low-vibration feelings UNLESS it is a manifestation of evil trying to break my spirit and kill my blessings to come, Amen. I’m a just KEEP DOING WHAT I BEEN DOING, Amen. I am sure that spirits know what level of spiritual crossing severity I am dealing with. A devastating and tragic karma is returning on ALL of my attackers, Amen!


My final uncrossing candle had burned out, Amen. I had received more helpful and positive insight, Amen.

I was “led” in to fasting and prayer. Honestly, I was on a destructive path to witchcraft, but I am now re-directed to Christ, Amen…


Recently, I began fasting and prayer, and today, on day three of my fasting and prayer ceremony, I had a dream about me being purified. I felt a positive sensation in my whole body which caused me to wake up. I woke up feeling good, Amen. One of the MOST POWERFUL times to pray is within ten minutes before you sleep. I was spiritually led to believe that your prayers are at maximum power shortly before your sleep, Amen. I REALLY ENJOY fasting with prayer because:

it helps clear my mind and thoughts

it helps keep me calm

I enjoy food more aftwerwards

I have “good luck”

I feel good

I get LESS sleep, yet I am not drowsy, agitated, or tired


I discovered that my experience with engaging with magickal practices were ALL WRONG. I have already tried other gods and those methods didn’t work out. I have personally witnessed the effects of BOTH positively-charged magick and negatively-charged magick. All I have to say about that is; “Remember, Satan can’t cast out Satan, Amen!” So I decided to go to the God of ALL Gods and powers and begin to rid myself of all distractions, habits, and things that I no longer needed on my new fasting prayer journey.

I MUST SAY that ever since I starting fasting and praying, I have began recovering mentally, physically, and spiritually. Not Only do I believe that fasting with prayer not only helps the body, mind, and soul, but ALSO Powerfully HEALS the mind, bodym and SOUL! Other things that serve extremely high and impactful services include forgiveness, repentance, believing in God, and confessions, friends! I have reached out to an online church that I have been following for years. and I plan to be baptized correctly in the name of, in the power of, and by the blood of Ahayah Asher Ahayah Bahashem Yashayah in March 2022. February 24th: Tonight, I am performing an ultimate fasting, where I will not eat or drink for as long as I can stand. I will Keep you posted in Part 2 of this! Amen! Thanks for reading!

I got SOOO much Happiness and Hope inside of me right now, I don’t know What to do with it!


Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels
Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

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