My Very First *Spiritual Bath*!


What I can say as my experience on my very first Spiritual Bath, or should I say… My first Spiritual Bath Spiritual Shower was VERY POWERFUL and VERY WONDERFUL! I couldn’t breathe for like several seconds because the bin of holy water was emptying on me, but it was lovely! I’m DEFINITELY gonna do that AGAIN! Just the AROMA of my homemade spiritual wash was on point!

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MAGICK, (this is the way I spell it, with a K) and spirituality have ALWAYS been something I have had a strong curiosity and interest in. And boy have I been learning, witnessing, and experiencing SO MUCH this year! I set my intentions, hooked up some powerful green herbs, fruit, salts, and a variety of lovely-smelling scented fragrance oils. I had my Black Magick and also Dragon’s Blood incense lit. I wrote up an incantation / prayer / decree and lit a five-day candle that is still burning, by the way… It took me several seconds as I was pouring the spiritual water from my foot pale bucket on to my entire body, including my hair. I was feeling like I got baptized! LOVED IT!

AND ON ANOTHER NOTE, The spiritual bath DID HELP because once upon a time, I was more about revenge to people who are evil and tresspass against others, but now I am more subtle about the matter. A little more forgiving. A little more patient. And what do they say? Every little helps?


Spiritual baths and spiritual showers DO WORK… It’s ALL ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS. What you put in, is what you will get out. If you go in thinking negative, than negativity or nothing at all is what you’ll get. I speak my intentions openly while I am in the spiritual shower. If you really DESIRE change and increase, than this WILL WORK. I feel so much better. I feel even more cool, calm, and laid back. I definitely feel more at ease. I am NOT as angry, fearful, and doubtful as I was previously. The night of my first spiritual bath, I slept so well! I’m DEFINITELY gonna do that again and soon!

Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog | INDIE FASHION BLOGS | Fashion Blog featuring Poetry Music Food News Entertainment Art


  • At the end of the day, the time and energy is lost to NOT letting go.. How long are you going to hold on to the wrong you’ve received?
  • It’s not your energy, let it go. Feel the weight of that baggage lift off of you.
  • Ahayah will judge your transgressors correctly and He will make WRONG right. (The Day of Judgement)
  • The punishment of your follies may be so bad that EVEN YOU may feel sympathy for them!
  • PROVE that you are the bigger person. And you are, when YOU LET IT GO.

Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog | INDIE FASHION BLOGS | Fashion Blog featuring Poetry Music Food News Entertainment Art


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