Indie Fashion Blog featuring DesignerAfi Fashion Photo Shots and More

Indie Fashion Blog featuring DesignerAfi Fashion Photo Shots and More


Phoenix, Arizona, Feb 14, 2021 ( – Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog is comprised of a unique scope of interesting topics. The indie fashion blog features a collection of fashion photography, outdoor photography, news, entertainment, food and recipes, independent music, fashion art, and last but not least, poetry among other things. Fashion is very dynamic and constantly evolves through the stages of cultural and creative changes.

Afi features some of the most distinctive, yet contemporary styles through her fashion design experience. The blog is an integrated space of informative and creative forces that elevates her fashion swagger to new degrees. She showcases unique and stylish fashion designs that she has handmade, the indie fashion models who she has worked with showcasing her fashions. Some of the fashion photography was enhanced to art photography pieces. The blog provides a great sense of visual extensiveness in indie fashion.



Music is another important portion of the blog and constitutes one of the most captivating areas of pop culture. Featured in this section is music by a variety of creative and independent artists. This has culminated into the scope of Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog. The designer herself is an advocate for new music and some of her favorite artists today include Bruno Mars, Pharrell, Usher, Kanye West, and many more. Because of her personal fascination with music, she encourages similar diversity in her blog. By including music as a topic in her forum, she has garnered a bigger and more extensive stream of audiences. The component of music in her fashion-driven blog only proves that she is an all-inclusive soul who is always looking to engage new audiences through captivating articles and presentations.

Art, specifically fashion art is another significant prop in fashion photography. Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog is a huge space for those who take interest in the same and also those who want to contribute to or collaborate with this prolific, creative drive. Art goes hand in hand with fashion and as a result, the blog paves the way for new ideas, creative collaborators, artists, designers, visionaries, and more. Art is intrinsically associated with fashion and Afi Fennick recognizes the same in her blog that allows people to visualize fashion and their concepts of personal styles.

Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog’s section for news and entertainment integrates culture and creativity under one roof. Types of topics included here are titles such as: 9 Real-life Planets so outrageous you’d swear they were sci-fi, Instagram able Beaches, Entrepreneurial Tribute, Link between the Immune System and Anxiety, Deadly HIV Cure?, A Black Hole, a diamond planet, and a puppy with a sense of humor, and other make you laugh articles like: She ate the Curry Goat! These types of news articles give the audience a peek into the ongoing surroundings and introduce news from a variety of creative angles. This makes the blog all the more versatile to make a space for people of different backgrounds and interests.

Another major component of the blog constitutes food and recipes. Food is the foundation of any recreational process and is associated with socializing. Apart from this complexity, food, in general, is a subject that is a favorite to all. Hence, the recipes and ideas shared on the platform extensively cater to many audiences looking for new ideas for their kitchen. Articles here include: Sea Moss Super Smoothie, The World’s Juiciest Chicken, and Top Ten Desserts and Chocolate Chip Tiramisu.

A progressive addition and highly creative section to Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog is the Poetry section which encourages poets and writers of all walks of life and backgrounds to showcase their talents on a validated platform and their audiences can discover new, unique content to enjoy. The majority of poems included here have been donated to the site by independent writers and avid readers.


Designer Afi Fennick of Diamondfire Apparel Official Indie Fashion Blog is a self-made entrepreneur. A continuous learner skilled in designing and sewing women’s trendy fashion accessories and clothing. She is a multi-gifted, self-taught fashion seamstress and an indie fashion designer with a fond passion for fashion photography, art photography, and other creative things. Through her blog, she is not only elevating towards a direction of realizing her fashion dreams but also cultivating other creative and productive influences on the way. Apart from that, her blog integrates some of the best relevant articles on various subjects that garner a large stream of interested and curious audiences.

In her mid-twenties, she purchased her first sewing machine online and started investigating how different articles of clothing are made. She began teaching herself how to sew fashion clothing, create fashion patterns, sketch designs and diagram them. Some of the key components of her works include style, distinction, and fabulous quality every time. Up to date, she has made a few faux fur jackets, a pair of leggings, stylish blouses, fashionable dress pants, and a variety of bandeau dresses with multiple patterns, prints and designs.

She emphasizes in her last fashion interview how she has great respect for more experienced seamstresses than herself. How it does take a lot of work and patience to really indulge in to fashion sewing and how the fancier any item of clothing is, the more seamstress work will be required to complete each design successfully.

From December 2018 – March 2019, she has had fashion collaborations with two indie fashion models through fashion photography shoots and fashion art photography production. Her complete fashion biography, her designs portfolio and fashion resume are all available on her indie fashion blog. She quotes:

Fashion design is something I look forward to as a career. It is a strong passion. I have a keen eye for it, and I look forward to releasing, constantly showcasing and growing from my talents.”

She now creates digital fashion art designs for fashion t-shirts and clothing for ladies, men and kids, and looks forward to producing an ambassadors fashion collection for men very soon. She has unwavering faith and determination that through all of her hard work, self-efficacy, productivity and creativity that one day her services will grow abundantly and internationally.



Afi Fennick

Indie Fashion Designer

Diamondfire Apparel Blog Press

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