5 Ways to Wind Down for Better Sleep at the End of Your Day

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5 Ways to Wind Down for Better Sleep at the End of Your Day

Better Sleep – Especially after the rigors of the day, it’s integral that you have some time in the evening to unwind and decompress before going to sleep. This doesn’t mean that you convert your house into a silent retreat. Just a couple of alterations can calm your mind and awaken your senses, facilitating the transition from daytime to nighttime.

  1. Listen to soothing music. Instead of watching the news – or the babble in your mind/head – when you arrive home after a busy day, listen to your favorite music. Although classical type of music has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, any genre of music you love will assist to lift your mood and also help your mind quiet down. If you’re searching for some tunes that are soothing, make sure to check Headspace’s sleepcasts and sleep music.


  1. Make sure to dim the lighting when at home during the night. Rather than turning on a bright overhead light fixture, consider candles, lamps, or a dimmer switch to create a more tranquil scene. Other than being low key, indirect lighting is less disturbing to the natural circadian rhythms of the body.


  1. Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption later in the day. Part of the unwinding process actually starts during the daytime. This involves working out early, limiting caffeine consumption – soda, tea, and coffee – after lunch, eluding foodstuffs that may upset your tummy, and skipping happy hour, because drinking alcohol too late can hamper the sleep quality you get at night.


  1. Expose yourself to the outdoors to get natural light earlier in the day or morning. When your body is exposed to natural light during the daytime, it will help keep its internal clock on a healthy sleeping cycle.


  1. Decrease evening emails. Don’t send or read work emails after eating dinner. In 2018, Virginia Tech reported that the simple expectation to view your email after working hours can result in stress and anxiety. Every new message you receive represents a decision you’ll have to make, which keeps your brain active (and takes away alone time, family time, and social time). You should practice mindfulness to assist you to relax and keep up with your family, social, or solo activities.

If you follow these tips you will find yourself ready to fall into a restful slumber. Make sure that your mattress is comfortable, if it has seen better days consider a Sleepy’s mattress.

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