Nosy Stalking Neighbors {Censored}

Nosy Stalking Neighbors {Censored}


Nosy Stalking Neighbors {Censored}: I don’t know why these strange things are happening to me, why does it seem like I’m being targeted. Ever since I was a child, I have always been bullied, targeted and picked on. Even now as an older woman I am getting in-directly bullied… by my neighbors.

I’m the type of neighbor, I live and let live. I go about my business. Whether you speak to or acknowledge me or not is fine. I don’t make friends because life has proven to me that the closest people to you will be the ones that hurt you the most. I’m not in to gossip or drama. I keep it moving. I don’t really hang out, I really don’t socialize anymore because I have been through some tragic and terrible things in life and some of what it cost me was my heart and the ability to be more open and people-loving. I prefer animals actually. If they like you or they love you, they show it. They don’t hurt you, they don’t bully you or target you. They’re great companions, all you gotta do is feed ’em, love em back and take care of ’em – the rest happens all by itself.

I am sharing my story because I don’t care. This is a real life story about me getting bullied and targeted by my neighbors

I have a place in Phoenix, I only been here since Christmas. At first, it was cool and quiet. Everybody was going about their business. And then about a month ago, this lady I saw when I first moved in – it seemed like she was trying to watch me or something. She would periodically come outside, stand and hang around but NEVER would she come out after dark. My instincts told me something was off with her. The way she would look at me. For example, Her and her daughter – maybe a ten year old was walking by my window and the daughter was trying to look in to my window as she was walking by. (I wonder what could have inspired this child, who doesn’t know me to be trying to look through MY bedroom window? First of all, when they walk by, they never usually go by my window. Now all of a sudden they want to walk so close by my window and her daughter happens to be trying to look in???) Another example; one morning I was going outside to pick up my Instacart and her husband came outside. He was looking at me as he was walking past me. Neither of us spoke to one another but I looked in to his eyes. His eyes hid something suspicious in them because he ended up looking down as he got closer to me. He had a certain look on his face – maybe like someone told him something about me that wasn’t favorable. Maybe. He couldn’t look me straight in the eye. #Interesting.

Another example, one evening I was taking out my trash and when I closed my front door it made a loud sound because it locked by itself. (I have to walk by her window to get to my local trash bin. When I came back around the corner, it only took me like, two to three minutes – tops.) I saw her, standing there and I don’t understand the look she gave me. Like she didn’t like or trust me but really, she doesn’t even know me. And yeah, I know that this story is one that can have any variety of meanings plus I’m not really concerned about her.

Then, there’s this dude.. He lives next door to me.. It was really weird because he was also very quiet when I moved in. But in a way, I guess I can understand because when people are unfamiliar, you often tend to wanna see what’s up. So anyway, one day I was leaving to go get groceries and I saw him standing out front of my door. He looked up and had a pleasant look on his face. Like he liked what he saw or something. He seemed surprised a little as well. He said Hell-oooo. I said Hello, closed my front door and kept it moving. I feel like he was very curious of who was living next door to him and probably wanted to know what I looked like, who I was or something. Then I started to notice that he would talk really loud and laugh out loud in front of and near my door, stand near my window an shyt.. Like he had a teenage crush 0n me or something. Like he was trying to get my attention..

Like I said, I would cook my meals and of course it would smell good up in the house. But I can’t help that, it’s how I was raised. I learned to cook since I was about ten years old, watching my Grandma in the kitchen. I used to watch her cook and clean the house. I learned a lot from her. I noticed how a few times when I would cook and bake while his kids were there, the girls would always play Ding Dong Ditch at my door. I knew it was them because I saw them but I never said anything about it to him. I just deposited that situation to one of the oddest things and kept it moving.

I don’t understand why people choose to do things in certain ways but I’m not really concerned about him or his kids. It’s this next story I’m about to tell that will really get your attention and there will be no doubt that there IS a problem here…

Two neighbors, a couple – (I believe may be a young couple – not that it matters, but anyways) who live above my place… When I moved here on Christmas (by the way) this couple was extremely quiet, so quiet that at first I thought the man alone lived above me. I noticed some suspicious behavior when every time I would go hop in the shower, the man, (I would hear his work boots or construction boots walking in to his bathroom upstairs) and the woman would come in to the bathroom area after that. They would make a lot of noise, stomping, walking back and forth, etc) This is on a regular basis, whenever I would get in to the shower. Outside of that time frame, the couple was quiet, very quiet. Naturally I got uncomfortable but my shower is noisy so I figured that around the time I get ready to shower, I would play loud music to muffle the shower so they won’t be “walking in on me“. This method worked – for  awhile.

Then I started noticing that the female would come in to the bathroom around the time I turned on my music and she would hang out in her bathroom – like she was waiting for something? Again, this is every time, on a daily, regular basis she would do this. I never heard her toilet flush or anything so I wondered why all of a sudden when I am showering why in that time frame she was always there hanging around? And when I am finished, she would then walk out. I find that most people, especially strangers among one another, usually don’t want to be in the bathroom when they know others are nearby – in general. This wasn’t making any sense to me – and it still doesn’t.

At last, I finally noticed that them suspiciously being in their bathroom at the same time I am in mines was no coincidence. This was not a mistake. This was on purpose

Recently I noticed the female would literally walk in to the bathroom tip-toeing, I could feel the vibrations or the friction of her tryna creep in to the shower stall. She would come up to her shower stall, which is above my shower stall but her water is not running and she would just stand there, like she waiting for something – or waiting to hear something. When I noticed her getting in to the shower, I would have my shower on low, take my time and thoroughly wash my body. I felt really uncomfortable, like she was trying to listen to me while I was showering and she was. She waited until she heard me get out the shower stall, then I would feel the vibration or the friction of her feet stepping out of the shower stall. She left and then the man with the construction boots or work boots would walk in, walk around and then stand in the bathroom for a couple of minutes and then leave.

These people NEVER turned on their bathroom fan because if they did I would have heard it at some point. I summarized that these people were QUIET for a reason – because any type of noise killed their ability to hear and be nosy. I only heard the tv about three times since I moved here. No laughter, no playing, nothing. Just quiet. All I would hear other than that is him stomping in his boots and slamming their front door.

And as they walk around, they try to creep slowly around. And the fact that both the man and woman would come in to their bathroom while I am showering, moving around and doing stuff clearly was NOT an indication that there was any odors or cautionary actions to be in the bathroom during that time frame. So why does this keep happening? Happening ONLY when I am in the shower? This is severely strange on a whole new level.

There’s only three things that you will consistently smell in my house; cleaning supplies, sweet smelling fragrances and healthy foods cooking: the type of food with herbs and vegetables. And Oh, I definitely use seasoning. I am a pursuant of food flavor, lol! I cook stuff like cinnamon apple pie, Jasmine rice and fried herbs and vegetables and breaded cat fish nuggets. (I love cat fish!)

Afi's Mixed vegetables and rotisserie style chicken
Afi’s Mixed vegetables and rotisserie style chicken
Afi's sweetened apple pie
Afi’s sweetened apple pie

I gotta be honest, this is how they started to make me feel… Violated, angry and oppressed. To be stalked in your own home is UNREAL. She faithfully follows my footsteps and the vibrations of me walking, standing, bending and such. She has this really creepy shaking that goes on with her that I can actually FEEL when she comes around. It’s kind of like an ongoing vibration so it seems like her body is physically shaking all the time. This creepy feeling is yet another reason I always know she’s always there.. The shaking is constant, like a pulse!

I think it’s so interesting how they invade and violate my personal privacy regularly and yet they protect theirs. For example, they wait until wee hours of the early morning to take their showers and I noticed how when I tried their technique on them, it made them uncomfortable. Let me explain

I heard the sound of the man walking towards the bathroom above my apartment and when I walked in to my bathroom on him, (like they do to me constantly) there was dead silence. The woman was tracking me like she usually does and she must told the man that I was in the bathroom. It was dead quiet in the bathroom. I heard the lid of the toilet seat and then there was silence. Then I heard the man walk out of the bathroom and she came in the bathroom just standing there, listening. Usually offenders who offend, oppress and violate others are narcissistic.

She follows me EVERYWHERE I go. This woman would follow my vibration throughout the house. It didn’t matter where in the house I am, she would follow. In the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the living room. I started calling her Shadow! And once she entered the kitchen or bathroom, she would hang out until I leave the kitchen or bathroom. In the bathroom, when I am in the bathroom, she listens out for the toilet to flush because I will feel her stepping in to her shower stall, I guess this helps her hear everything that’s going on better, lol. When I take out my trash, she is at the front door waiting when I come back. One time, she followed me in to the kitchen while I was making something to eat and I could feel her walking in to the kitchen above me. I told her that I didn’t have any dog food to give her. Another time, she also followed me in and out of the bathroom and I told her Keep it moving bytch! Go hug up with your bum-a%s man! What the fyck are you concerned about what’s going on in my apartment for? You up there and I’m down here.. Do YOU, you dumb bytch! (I’m sorry.. I suffer from sword-mouth when people choose to fyck with me)

I would fyck with her back too tho… I would get up and since she follows me wherever I go, I would say to her Come on bitch. I take longer showers, like about 30 minutes to make her stand and wait. I make her walk around and around places in the house. I would start walking and then stop all of a sudden. I would walk somewhere and switch it up on her in midst of walking. She follows my every move.

Mind you, these people do not work nor spend their time doing anything constructive. If they did, they certainly would not have time to stalk me at home. Here I am working from home, and they are stalking me from home! I never paid so much attention to how strong any person’s energy really is – I mean, when you walk by a person, there is an energy and air that travels with your body. A lot of people don’t really realize this. Anytime you walk in to a room or walk out of a room, this energy is swift and travels with you. I’m sure there is a technical or scientific name for this situation, but hell if I know it.

From the time I wake up, til the time I go to sleep she would stalk me. I would have to have a 24-hour marathon of loud music, movies and activities and she would STILL track my movements. The issue with that is these apartments are poorly insulated, so I can hear and / or feel their “vibrational energy“most of the time. In other words, I can “feel” her sitting in the same exact space upstairs that I occupy downstairs. I can feel her when she sits down above me. She makes sure that she sits in the same exact location I am in so when I move, she follows. #Frustrating so very. Bytch tracking my every movement. This shyt is creepy. Time to go!


So finally this morning, I got to a point of boil-over. When I got in the shower this morning, she tried that same shyt. She got in to the shower stall up stairs and waited. I have neighbors near us. One in the back of me and another to the left of me. They heard me this morning. So I said aloud to Pu·ta (that’s the new name I gave her)

What is the fascination with you listening while people are trying to take a shower or take a shyt? It’s called space and privacy bytch. Who does that? What kind of trashy, creepy, freaks and weirdo shyt is this?

You know what I think should happen to people who stalk people? The same fucked up shyt you gave out should be returned on to you… Only three times worse – minimum.

At first, I felt her starting to get out of the shower stall as I am calling her out so I said,

Get back here Pu-ta! Where you at bytch?! I have another question for you Pu-ta, is your man fucking you right? Because if he was, then how do you have so much time and energy to spend trying to spy on me? Does he make you climax every time he fycks you? I never hear any “furniture moving” or joy up there. Are you in to women? It stays quiet because you’re my fan bytch. I am your target. Bullseye. This apartment right here is the best you’re ever going to do in life because you are worthless. You are beneath me. You have nothing better to do with your time. That’s probably why you got cob-webs in your pussy by keeping your focus on me that you don’t make time to wash yo ass. Bytch, you are my son, one of my sons.. You and your punk a%s man are both my sons! And you have officially been pimped! 

To the dude I said,

First question, do you fyck your bitch right?

(And I am not referring to all women as bytches, just this bytch I’m dealing with)

Do you make her climax every time? I guess not because she pays a lot more attention to me than you. Why don’t you work? Why don’t you have more constructive or progressive things to do with your time? You be walking around stomping in those construction boots but you aren’t coming from or going to work? What kind of a man are you to let your girl get caught up doing stupid shyt like this? You are bytch made!

I call her dude “Bytch #2” or “Bytch Made”.  After I said all these things to him, he just stomps his feet while wearing his work boots or construction boots so I will hear it, lol!

I told them both,

You know what? You might as well be single because you spending much more time and energy focusing on someone else that is not your lover.  Your relationship sucks! You might as well be single. Your relationship is trash!

Amongst the neighbors this incident has spread like wild fire! And with me, there are no fycks given because I call people out on their shyt! Especially on this level. Typically, I just cut a person off. Remove them from my energy and my space.The End.

Moral of this story, I am just writing to vent this out. I DO FEEL BETTER now that I have released some of my anger but I also know it is time to move on. These people start shyt with me, I don’t start shyt with them. Small things can turn in to weird, annoying, bigger things when left unresolved. It’s just wild because I keep crossing paths with people who are low-vibration,  low-class and no-class trash..

I am wondering what do I need to do to start attracting more normal yet strong people with productive and constructive lives? Let me know if you feel me out here.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t typically speak to anyone this way but I exploded because I am TIRED AS FYCK of low-grade, low-caliber people who CHOOSE to have NOTHING better or constructive to do with their time. This is ridiculous.

I can be a very nice person. I’m pretty cool and down to earth. Easy to talk to. BUT when you cross me on this level, I go in to gutter-mouth mode! Why do mofoes always try to push buttons? Now that I think of it, the person who lived here before me – I believe the person may have left because of a similar stalking experience with these sorry a%s, weirdo, bad neighbors. I believe this because when I turned on the TV, the TV was loud as shyt, lol!

I’ll tell you right now… Being stalked is not a good feeling at all. It’s a definite challenge to go through.


Headline Image credit: Pexels Rene Asmussen

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  1. Hi, oh wow… I am really sorry to see that you have been experiencing crazy shit like this. It IS ridiculous. It’s a shame that these assholes are apart of ANY community. They need to be placed on an island of people JUST LIKE THEMSELVES. Let’s see how that works out… Sorry for all the cussing, this shit just makes me mad! Bless you and peace be unto you. I hope it gets better for you.

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