A Black Hole, a Diamond Planet and a Puppy with a Sense of Humor

Image credit: Shutterstock License Black Hole in Space
Image credit: Shutterstock License Black Hole in Space – The Daily Galaxy, Max Goldberg, via Tata Institute of Fundamental Research/Eurekalert

There is an interesting article called “Holy Grail” –Proof of Cosmic Objects Without a Hard Surface Confined Within an Invisible Boundary at dailygalaxy.com featuring a report by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research regarding a supermassive black hole — with a mass more than 6 billion times the mass of the Sun—has so far been imaged by the Event Horizon Telescope

In addition, there is mention of a supermassive Black Hole that is Bending Spacetime Ten Thousand Trillion Times More.. How very exciting and interesting!

I feel that it is extremely important to mention that the one many people refer to as “God”, “The Most High”, etc. is unlimited and boundless. (His True name is I AM THAT I AM, translated in Hebrew to Ahayah Ashar Ahayah – clarified in the book of Exodus 3, verses 13-15) One of the ways He proves this is by His extraordinary creations above in the Heavens of Space and on Earth. But let’s talk about the Heavens and Space… How there are so many other planets, stars, galaxies even The Diamond Planet, Black Holes, and such.

His thinking MUST be boundless. Therefore, as a being of His creation who was made in His image, it is important that we also think in an unbound and unlimited fashion. That all things are possible in this realm under the sun. Here is a video featured on Top 10s YouTube channel hosting in layman’s terms about The Diamond Planet, information about it and it’s worth…

Here is another extraordinary example of the abilities of Ahayah, I AM, (also known as The Most High or God)…

This puppy who has character! Now don’t get me wrong, all animals are unique and special in their own way. But how does this puppy have such character as he displays in this video? See below and enjoy..

There are countless miracles made by and through I AM aka Ahayah. We as human culture take advantage of these gifts and blessings every day. We know that mankind has NOT created ANY of these miracles / blessings. This article just includes the topic of three great miracles, space, a diamond planet and a puppy.

This article was made in gratitude towards The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and may the spirit of the Light, Truth and Peace come over you and your household as you are reading.. In the name of Ahayah Ashar Ahayah and Yashayah. Amen!

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