FIRST OFF, before I continue on to this short article, let me start by saying that I NEVER ONCE believed that any disease was incurable, whether it be a man-made form of illness or a natural illness not creating in a facility or lab by man..

I believe that for every problem there is a solution, no matter WHAT the problem is. No matter whether the solution is purely SCIENTIFIC, or whether the solution is HERBAL, or BOTH. But I do believe that there are solutions of BOTH types!

Seven years ago, the New York Times published a video from its YouTube channel regarding the lack of a cure for HIV:

But Now, in AUGUST 2020, that has changed…

There are three articles on The New York Times’s website shedding new light on the terrifying subject.

Also this post is backed by another supporting article of another individual, a man named Adam Castillejo is one of three people having been officially cured of having H.I.V.

A third individual, a man named Timothy Brown of Palm Springs, California was also cured but he chooses not to be identified further… understandably.

I have read both articles and I strongly believe that SCIENCE is an extremely important value to the lives of people in this world and that it takes its place in helping to answer certain questions and solve certain problems, such as H.I.V. However, I do also believe that there are many highly powerful types of man-made and natural herbs in the Earth that can ALSO solve problems such as H.I.V, it’s just that more study is needed for this.

For example, we have herbs like Olive Leaf, Elderberry, Echinacea, Garlic, Astragalus, Oregano, Ginger and many more other herbs that are powerful, potent, antiviral, without side effects. God knew what He was doing… He made cures within consuming raw, organic, natural herbs, vegetables and fruits.

We now live in a world of processed foods, GMO and sunk-quality foods. We also live in a world of COVID-19, poor healthcare practices, pesticides, additives, which all affect and compromise our health every day. Our emotions are compromised because of all the tribulations and trials of life, society, government and such.

Even Dr. Sebi was a pioneer of educating, empowering and stimulating people to healthier eating. I strongly believe that one day it will discovered that certain powerful herbs are not only virus and bacteria destroyers but also can be used in the successful treatment of so-called “incurable” diseases. And the mission that he created back then in his time, is still carried on and practiced today in this country and all across the world 🌎 because what he spoke of was Truth. Because his methodology, when practiced, Proves to be highly effective and even Fast acting OVER traditional and scientific medicine.


A Woman May Have Been Cured of H.I.V. Without Medical Treatment


The ‘London Patient’ Cured of H.I.V, Reveals His Identity

In the name of Ahayah Asher Ahayah,

My goal in this article/post is to participate in helping to stimulate, educate, empower, rejuvenate and OPEN your mind as you are viewing this article. Amen ~

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