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Designer Afi AKA Afi Fennick Diamondfire Apparel

I have this poem in my heart today and I wanted to take a moment to share specifically dedicated to My People… People of Color…

I don’t care which part of the world you are in, what city, state, what country, or what parish.. The words in this poem are my dedication to YOU..

PEOPLE of all shades of Brown, (and shades of Black too)…


My Acknowledgement and Dedication… To the people out there suffering from, have suffered from and have been under attack – be it verbal, spiritual or physical… God knows… And God also hears you… God certainly knows of ALL of the troubles of His People. Bigotry, ignorance, discrimination, segregation, fuckery, injustice, racial profiling and hatred. Just know this, the first man Adam, was a Man of color. He was Black and a brotha.😉😉😉

Let those who choose to disagree and shut this out, they can all bounce out right now. Let those who choose to hate, let them hate… from the side lines.

Right now, the real and powerful truth shall be revealed through the blood of Christ, as it always has through prophecy, history and revelations. God hears your prayers… The Bible confirms this. Christ himself was also a Man of color when He walked this 🌍 Earth.

A lot of Our People suffer greatly in part from Lack of self identity, but it is extremely important that you understand that YOU are Great. You are Beautiful. You are Extraordinary. And God, AHAYAH Asher AHAYAH Himself thought of and crafted you, just as He thought of and crafted each twinkling star in the sky.

You are the true Kings and Queens, and your children are warriors, princesses and rulers.


Our Salvation is coming and will be personally delivered by Christ Himself. You are divine. With your wide noses, and big eyes, and full lips, and many many shades of black and brown and tan bodies… Your different multitudes of noses, eyes, feet and so on. You are GORGEOUS!!!

Man of color, You are Supreme! King of the Home. And home is where love is. YOU are the beginning of every generation. Because the birth of any child and every child begins with YOU. You are the loving father or father figure, the strong man, the protector, the listener, the hunter. Woman of color… YOU are ULTIMATE!

You are a priceless jewel… Queen of the Home, and home is where Love is Built. You are Love’s Building Empress. The birth of any child and every child, ends with you because you give birth to that baby that was originally the seed that your man has planted in you.

You are the loving, caring, nurturing mother or mother figure. You teach the household. You teach the children to grow, you teach your man HOW to love and respect you. Never fret that God made you last, my beloved. He knew to save the Best for last! 💖💖💖

Generations would surely be lost without you Woman of Color.

Black Man, I LOVE you. Everything about you I love and respect and I would never take your essence from you. From your smile, to how you do things and your ways about about you. I will Always Love You, 👑 King. And I will Always have your BACK!

Black Woman… Sistah, I Love You. And I will ALWAYS love you. And I gotcha back boo. True Queens Forever we will be!!! We Rock Baby! 🤣🤣🤣

Let’s continue to keep it pushing, keep it moving and keep doing what we do Ladies… EVERYTHING!💕💖❤ 😁

We also help raise those little king and queen children who grow up to be teachers, scholars, poets, builders, craftsman and so on.

Blessed are WE, a people. Sistas of strength, sistas of God and Love. Sistas of courage. Sistas of Renaissance. Hear me… God knows EVERYTHING our people struggle and suffer from. Every trial and tribulation, every set back, every obstacle, every matter of your heart, every concern.

BUT BELIEVE THIS MAN AND WOMAN OF COLOR, YE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND ARE HIGHLY FAVORED, no matter your shade, tone, color, features, no matter what part of the country, no matter what part of the WORLD you are in. YE ARE GORGEOUS!

DON’T ever stop being who God made you to be. You are as abundant as the stars in the sky and yet EVERY LAST ONE of you ARE Needed and have Great and Excellent Worth AND Potential. NEVER FORGET THAT.

BROWN MAN, BROWN WOMAN and LITTLE BROWN CHILD… You are naturally hated and hated on, you are naturally targeted and attacked BECAUSE YOU ARE Different. But NEVER IS IT a bad different, it’s a GREAT, Intriguing and Powerful Different…

Just like your Big Brother Christ was attacked, hated and HATED ON ALSO.
You are Envied, people lack self worth around you, some are frightened and intimidated by you, others are insecure around you because you are INTRIGUINGLY DIFFERENT and you can’t help that because God Made You So!!

This poem is NOT about dividing people. IT IS about acknowledgement and “Love Shed” (NOT BLOOD SHED) for my people. Learning to love one self and teaching love of one self.

Again, this is a love poetry dedicated to My People. My People, you know what I speak of because it is built in you to know what all I speak of this day, in this poem. I share this love with you in the hopes that this does bless and help to the improvement of your day Loves. 💕 Peace, Blessings and God Bless. 😘😘😘😘😘



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18 thoughts on “POEM | FOR MY PEOPLE By Afi Fennick

  1. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE OVERALL…This post is wicked! Very deep poem. You certainly know how to keep
    a reader entertained. Between your wit, your articles and your videos,
    I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how
    you presented it. Too cool!

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