MUSIC | This SONG is GORGEOUS!!! | Kiandra Richardson

MUSIC | This SONG is GORGEOUS!!! | Kiandra Richardson


Diamondfire Apparel Official Fashion Blog | INDIE FASHION BLOGS | Fashion Blog featuring Poetry Music Food News Entertainment ArtI LOVE me sum EMPIRE! The TV series has been my shyt since First Episode! And honestly, I would watch the entire series over again… and enjoy every minute of it.

You wanna know my favorites between Netflix and Hulu?

Empire, Queen of the South, and Saints and Sinners!

Ding, ding, ding! Johnny tell em what they won, LMAO!

I LOVE the drama and suspense between these TV series.. Of course, in my personal life, I would NEVER have such levels of drama and chaos, but on television.. I’m down to be ENTERTAINED. I LOVE THIS STUFF. I eat it right up!

This video features talented actress Kiandra Richardson aka Ayana Cross, sing this stunning song from a scene of Empire, where she sings Lucious’s song to Cookie. Chile’ I had tears in my eyes when she sang this song. Big Ups to inzaneimpaxtofficial for this video. Enjoy..

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