Jamaica Mountains & Sky | AFI FENNICK


This image includes: Greenery on mountains, blue sky and white clouds with assorted trees around and sunlight above.

I have a passionate interest in sky photography. I have a knack for taking alluring and distinctive photos of beauty in people, places, nature, and objects in general. I can perform business / commercial photography as well as for personal use. I love to perform high quality, high resolution shots in various locations, indoors and outdoors, from various angles – and with a variety of natural touches added.

©Afi Fennick April 2020. Get your nature photographs, stock photos and outdoor photos here. Download this image and use it for your business or personal purposes. Available in sizes up to 4,128 pixels XX-Large.

I have been doing photography for about seven years, on and off. I do enjoy taking high quality, high resolution images that are appealing and exotic. Nature pics are amongst the most beautiful and interesting forms of photography.

Image Number: 20200410_089AFI


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