POETRY | To be in to You by Lyrical Poet Rome


My friend Jerome spats out various poetic words from time to time.. Amongst one of the beauties of life, poetry is like a group of various exotic flowers blooming in their own directions.. 🌺🌻🌹🌷

Big shout out to my homeboy Rome! Over in St. Catherine, Jamaica.. Big UPs to Jamaica! May his creativity continue to flow. 😁😁😁

Enjoy.. 😍💓

To be into you
I want to be into you,
Just like a Museum,
Coming out back,
filled with nothing but new wisdom.
I want to be into you,
Just like a good book.
Reading pages after pages,
Till there’s no more pages left.
I want to be into you,
Mind body and soul.
Oh we can come together,
And see what our future holds.
I want to be into you,
Oh if only you knew.
There’s something about you,
But I just don’t know…
I want to be into you,
But how do I know?
There’s a question that’s been bugging me,
If truth be told.

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