Art Photography | AFI FENNICK

Art Photography | AFI FENNICK


Happy Easter 2020

Art Photography – This image includes: multicolored chalk drawings of Easter eggs and bunnies on a sidewalk pavement. Chalk drawing says: Attempt #1 of drawing a Easter bunny {how cute is that!}

I have a passionate interest in art photography. I have a knack for taking alluring and distinctive photos of beauty in people, places, nature, and objects in general. I can perform business / commercial photography as well as for personal use. I love to perform high quality, high resolution shots in various locations, indoors and outdoors, from various angles – and with a variety of natural touches added.

©Afi Fennick April 2020. Easter photo. Get your nature photographs, stock photos and outdoor photos here.

I have been doing photography for about seven years, on and off. I do enjoy taking high quality, high resolution images that are appealing and exotic. Nature pics are amongst the most beautiful and interesting forms of photography.

Image Number: 20200410_144831

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