POETRY | In My Spiritual Element by Afi Fennick

POETRY | In My Spiritual Element by Afi Fennick


©Afi Fennick April 2020. Sky Image with sun and clouds. 

O’ Heavenly Father
Thank you for granting us one of life’s mysteries and blessings of Mother Nature.
Blessed be you that blesses me with your shine of grace from the beauty and warmth of the morning sun.
Bless you for the shades of blue and the shades of white that you calmly display. Bless you for the air that sweeps across my face with a cool breeze.
Bless you for the wonderful, twinkling stars, carefully placed in the sky that shine at night,
And the moon that peacefully sits and shines, and the night sky, in its still but tranquil blackness.
Bless you for the gorgeous mountains and hills, rivers and lakes, for the trees and plants.
Your gifts show your extreme beauty and power by default and yet a lot of us constantly overlook your true essence every day.
Thank you my heavenly, spiritual father, I love ❤️ you and I appreciate you so,
I realize and I am reminded that these fabulous and luxurious gifts of nature are only a small part of a real blessing that you ARE The Living God,
a wholesome God and a loving Father who is ABOVE ALL.
At your commands, all of these elements take their places and hold their positions constantly and perfectly.
For example, the powers of science, laws of the universe, the laws of nature, life in general, astrology, astronomy, the spirit realm, death, birth, etc.
All of these things exist because of your allowance, and how can any ONE of them be OVER you?
Your extreme existence, your love and power surrounds me,
And I feel the sensation of it.
My heart is beating faster,
You have enlightened me to the true meaning of spirituality,
That a lot can not discern nor understand,
I am battered and broken inside,
And yet you are healing me,
Inside and out,
Repairing me piece by piece, section by section.
My face is warm with love ❤️,
I am blushing with appreciation
My face is blushing with admiration. When I am physically alone,
I am surrounded by your angels.

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