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A new love of mine, fashion photography art! I LOVE fashion. Different levels of it; fashion design, fashion sewing, fashion photography – taking pics of my indie models featuring my new designs and also creating interesting and exotic fashion photography art from their photos!

I intend to do much more and create even more types of styles very soon!

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Lyrical Poet, Rome

[8/31, 8:34 PM]
What inspires your desire,
Set your world on fire.
Where imagination is not limited,
To the point that you feel your mind on fire.
Who am i and what do I stand for,
The is the question I So often ponder.
As look in the mirror,
While feeling the drift in time.
But I dare not outer,
This one thing over and over.
As the voice in my head gets louder and louder.
Again who am i,
And what have I accomplish.

That thing,That set your heart and desire on fire,

To the point you don’t know what to do,

It’s like wanting to breath,

But you’re find it hard to do.

So Please won’t you tell me what inspires you,

Is it music or art that inspires you.

Maybe it’s just sitting in the park,

To see who passes through.

Maybe is the words from their lips,

When they say howdy do.

Inspiration comes in many forms,

It’s all about which one you choose.

So tell me again what inspires you,

Is it the little things to be said,

Or maybe it’s the things we do that inspire you.

Who’s to blame,

Go on, And feel as inspired like I do.

I’m just glad to know, That I help to inspire you.


POEM DATED [9/2, 12:12 PM]

They’re a lot who say their educated,But they’re ain’t. And those who pretend to be uneducated.But their fakes. Then tell you, what you see is what you get.

But that’s never the case, Because they’re filled all sorts of regrets.

Never looking back, Thus forever counting their steps.

And wondering what comes next.

Pinklilly2010 Baby! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I told my home girl that I would post her on my fashion blog to hear her sing. She has a nice voice! Which video do ya’ll like? Leave a comment and vote!

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Still Singing though the pain.

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